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Meet A little Boy Named Avram! 

In this week's T-time Natan has some big questions and wonderings - who made me? who made the world? He learns about a little boy named Avram (later to become Avraham - Abraham) who asked the same questions too! Enjoy sharing this story time and song-filled segment with your own little explorer/s and a creativity activity to print here!

Come on! Let's have a Dizzy Dreidl of a Time! 

Hey Friend! Happy nearly last day of Chanukah! We've had such a stupendously fun time throughout with T-time 4 Kidz! Invite your little person/s to join us for a super spinning Dreidl time here our Chanukah Dizzy Dreidls Part 4! You can learn all about how to play dreidl here and even make your own dreidl out of a carton and a pencil here! How awesome is that! There's no better time than now to sign up to receive T-times in your inbox each week for a fantabulously fun and educational year ahead for your Jewish child! 

It's a Chanukah Latke Party! Yum yum yum! 

Hi Friends! Join us for a delicious yummy in my tummy musical latke party! 
Latke's are traditional potato fritters fried in oil as a reminder of the miracle of oil - the miracle of Chanukah!
Join in the fun and make some musical latkes with us here in our Latke Party T-time
For some real Latke making check out this great kids video here!
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It's Chanukah! Let's light it up! 

Happy Chanukah Friends! 

Tell us - Have you ever heard of a magical Menorah? or a crunchy Menorah?
No! Well find out how can light one up right now by watching our new T-time!

Why don't you get on board our "I Love Chanukah" competition? It's all about sharing the light of Chanukah! Just email us at with a picture or drawing of YOUR favourite Chanukah things for a chance to win awesome prizes! Here are some of our awesome friends with their beautiful Chanukah creations!



Chanukah's nearly here! Now that's something to sing about! 

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There's nothing like building up your child's excitement for a Jewish holiday by helping them prepare for it! What better way to encourage their involvement than to print our T-time template - so they can decorate their very own Chanukah card for a family member or friend!

You can also invite them to join our Chanukah competition by e-mailing a drawn picture or photo of themselves and their favorite Chanukah things to! We have some great prizes including Bubble Oodles and a 1-1 Skype or face-time session for your child with Natan or Tali! 

With only a few days left to find a Chanukah gift for your special little someone we recommend you check out the music we use in this episode! Discover it here!

T-time is Here! 

We are thrilled to share our (Tali & Myself's) first ever
T-time 4 Kidz musical moment!
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Wishing all our favourite Big and Little people a super happy and sweet new year! 

T-time 4 Kidz is all about celebrating the Joy of Judaism through song and creative fun! T-time 4 Kidz has got big dreams to reach out to every little Jewish person through songs, games and lots of fun! As we all know, every big dream begins at a smaller beginning and for T-time 4 Kidz - that beginning is right here and now! So please join in the fun, sign up, like the facebook page and share with friends! 

Watch this space for news of upcoming events in your area :) and contact me to make your next event a magically memorable one!

Previous events

T-time 4 Kidz Live Chanukah Show!

Melbourne friends! Are you ready for some 🎵dizzy dreidl spinnin'🎵 and 🎵🍩doughnut dancin'🍩🎵 this chanukah!? Join Rivka Leah & our favorite puppet friends Tali & Natan for magically musical 1hr live Chanukah shows!

High (5) Holiday Musical Show - Sydney Tour

 —  —

Coming soon at a community or educational centre near you!

Pre-purim Music Show

Dover Heights Shul